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  1. To the CEO of Sears:
    My name is Alfred R Whiting, My wife and I have been loyal Sears customers throughout our 60 years of marriage. We have a Master Protection Agreement contract number 074055460000052 for our Kenmore Elite Refrigerator. It stopped working properly on o8/18/2018 and my wife called for repair service on 08/19/2018 and was told that they would try to get a local technician to service it today , 08/20/2018. We waited all morning for a technician to call and no one called. I called the 1-800-4-MY-HOME number and I was told that they had scheduled an appointment on 08/29/2018. My wife is a diabetic and must keep her insulin refrigerated. It is not possible for us to wait nine days for someone to check my refrigerator and possibly have to wait another week to 10 days for another appointment to install the parts. This is not a reasonable solution to my problem and whey I explained this to your agent and to her supervisor they said there was nothing else they could do. I would like to hear from someone with a better solution for this situation. I tried to get a phone number or e-mail address directly to the CEO but everyone refused to give it to me. I am requesting a reply from the CEO or his immediate representative as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. Alfred R Whiting.

    • Thanks for considering Sears CEO. Please directly contact Sears Customer Service and submit your application. This is not the place where your application reaches the CEO or Sears.

  2. 3913 ONEILL Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403 landline:650-389-7359 We at this address have been dealing with what has become a major issue about getting the brand new refrigerator that was purchased at the New Park Mall Sears store 8/25/18….Well the problem does not stem from purchasing or even the delivery of the item in question but has to do with the installation of the refrigerator…..First off the refrigerator was delivered on time which was set up when ordering the item. Our problem was and still is with the hook up which we did not realize until we moved the old refrigerator out and found out there was not a shut off valve for the ice maker behind the old refrigerator so therefore the guys delivering could not finish the job…With that being said and done all parties involved here preceded to contact the 1 (800) 4-MY-HOME and with the delivery guys and myself Dorothy Pasquinelli setting up with the automated service to have Sear’s return the very next day on 9/1/18….Which was also set up because I had immediately called a plumbing service to come out on an emergency call to install and inline shut-off valve for the new refrigerator, so this happened the same day after the new refrigerator had arrived but the initial Sear’s guys had already left….Ok this is where the major issue starts to occur because there was a new delivery date and time set up for 9/1/18 between times of :7:00 a.m.until 9:00 p.m.. Confirmation date and time was left via voice mail and was also confirmed by the initial delivery guys from Sear’s for Sat. 9/1/18……We including myself, my autistic daughter, and my boyfriend waited around all day long for someone to come and do the hook-up for the new refrigerator, and also let me state that going to the new time and date was still in your system but when my boyfriend called to ask when someone was going to be here at my address the person on the phone told us that they were not clear on this issue and we were not on there delivery schedule and the time of this was approximately 4:00 p.m. Saturday 9/1/18, which was still plenty of time before the original times of 9:00 p.m. this same night….Oh yes and also I have had to un-load my current refrigerator twice so far to make sure the hook-up can happen and not hold delivery guys up…. So therefore once again I have to cancel prior arrangements that are set up for myself as well as my daughter for a new time and date to get this refrigerator in-stalled by Sear’s on Wed. Sept. 5, 2018……..Again the frustration level here by me as well as my boyfriend, and also the anxiety of my autistic daughter is and has been totally un-exceptable……Also the call centers that are set up to handle this type of problem is really bad because these people are located off shore in another country…

    • I’m really sorry Dorothy Pasquinelli. But this website is just for the sake of providing general information regarding Sears and Sears credit card. To submit your complaint, you must contact complaint authorities at your place or contact Sears customer service directly. Sorry for incontinence again.

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