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How to Cancel Sears Credit Card and Why?


It is no shock to us that you want to cancel sears credit card or mastercard. People do that all the time. They just visit the site, get attracted and apply for the sears credit card and then suddenly they come back from their careless thoughts and realize that they really didn’t want it.

Why would you do that!

Just checking huh? We understand that you were just checking out different cards and you just lost in the clicking process and you clicked the submit option. Now you are stuck about what to do to undo your mistake.

Maybe you have just applied for the sake of applying and now you think some other credit card is offering the rewards that suit your needs. Be honest if that is the case because we are used to such heart breaks. Whatever the case might be, if you want a cancellation, a cancellation is what you will get.

Methods to Cancel Sears Credit Card

So now when you have clearly made up your mind that this was just a mistake and you do not want to take any responsibility of the credit card, we will have to help you cancel it. Below are the methods by which your sears credit card can be cancelled.

Cancel through account

Of course you have done a lot of hard work to make this mistake. You properly made a Sears credit card account to see what is in there and then you applied. Now cancel it through the same way as you applied. Open your sears credit card login account and search for the application page.

Open it and click cancel application in the setting options. If your approval would be still in process it will be cancelled at the spot. Otherwise it will be cancelled whenever your request reaches the sears site.

By calling

Suppose you applied insanely for a sears credit card and right after you thought you want to cancel it, your internet went down by listening to your ruthless decision. Now what to do? Simple just call the Phone Number of Sears 1-800-815-7701 and ask them to cancel your credit card with your reason to cancel.

In store/bank

It is possible that you have no luck today and when you try to call, your battery is dead and your phone has no credit. You are left with the visiting option. Rush towards your nearest sears store or Citibank and request them to cancel your sears credit card. Follow their instructions patiently although you are not so patient and cancel your sears credit card.

Through mail

Last but not the least; mail is also another option to cancel sears credit card. it is comparatively a lengthy process but if even you car has betrayed you by not starting, you can just write a cancellation letter and put in your nearest mail box and now just sit there and wait.

Step by Step Cancellation:

Step 1: Make Sure the Balance is Zero

First step before cancelling your Sears card is to make sure your balance is zero. Because during the cancellation process, you’re going to lose all the money if you have in your credit card. So, whether Call Customer Service to make sure the balance is really zero, or visit them in store.

Step 2: Cancel Sears Account

Once it is confirmed that the balance in your credit card account is zero, you can request cancel the account over the phone, online, or in person at customers’ desk.

Step 3: Ask for the Written Confirmation

Follow up in writing and ask Sears Customer Service representative for written confirmation that the account is closed or cancelled. This is because you must have followed all the legal requirements to safeguard any potential mishap.

Step 4: Check If Your Card is Closed

You have to wait awhile, because it won’t gonna cancel the very next day. It might take 4 to 5 working days. But keep checking your credit report to make sure the account is really closed or cancelled.

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